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Starting from a small outlet selling Aquaculture materials established by two Aquaculture Engineers graduated from University of Marine (now is NhaTrangUniversity) in the 90s; the small outlet constantly emerged, upgraded to Duy Tan store, and the Khai Nhat Company was officially opened in 2002.

Since establishing, Khai Nhat has accompanied shrimp farmers through its products and distribution network. Khai Nhat emphasizes on two fields: postlarval shrimp and growout shrimp; with its country wide distribution, particularly in the Central, the South East and the South West of Vietnam.

Besides supplier role, Khai Nhat operates its hatcheries in Long Hai, Vung Tau and growout farm in Long Thanh, Dong Nai province. The Khai Nhat’s growout farm has been the pioneer in the area which applied the industrial farming method for black tiger shrimp, white shrimp, and Pseudapocryptes elongates. The company's farm also performs a lab to test the company’s products.

More than 20 years experience the gain and loss of aquaculture business, Khai Nhat always tries its best endeavors to bring to customers the optimal solutions. Therefore, all products released to market are checked for their quality at the company’s farms, to ensure that our customers can use the best products.

Khai Nhat provides a wide range of chemicals, equipment, foods, nutrition addition, medicine and bacteria solution. Khai Nhat is proud of being the representative of following products in Vietnam:

 - Artemia Century, Crystal, Petrel, and Kuan-Im brand of OSI company – one of the most prestigious artemia manufacturer in the world.

- Enzyme product of Aqion (USA). Aquaklenz (water treatment) and Supraklenz (ponds bottom treatment) are high end products with distinctive effects which are more and more favored by difficult customers.


- Feed for shrimp and fish of Skretting, the world leader in the production and supply of feed for farmed fish and shrimp.


- Water treatment chemicals – Calcium Hypochlorite hth® - manufactured and a trademark of Arch Chemicals in the USA, the world leader in Biocides Products and Performance Products.

Should you need to consult solutions for your farms, Khai Nhat's professional and enthusiastic engineers team are more than happy to help. Khai Nhat welcomes all query and cooperation suggestion.

Yours faithfully,

Khai Nhat